Battle of the Batches, A Great Success!

Flier outlining a Police versus Fire fundraiser, with proceeds going to Nashua PAL and Operation Warm

On November 2nd, the Nashua Police Department and Nashua Fire Rescue went head-to-head… but not in the typical fashion. This time, both sides crafted a beer with Liquid Therapy to raise money for Nashua PAL and Operation Warm. Heading Team Police, Sgt. Chris Ditulio brought in his pack of Blue Bloods to grind grain, mash-in, and boil their craft beer batch. The same went for Lt. Mike DuVarney, who headed Team Fire.

For each pint sold of the Police’s Code 5 Belgian IPA a dollar was given back to PAL, while for every pint of Fire’s 1123 Imperial IPA a dollar was given to Operation Warm. Through hundreds of pints sold and the generosity through cash donations of the community, both causes received over $500.

Coming out with the win, Team Police sold more pints on the first of many Battle of the Batches. There were no clear winners in flavor, though. Both had rave reviews! Great job to both teams.

And more importantly: Great job, Nashua! You helped a lot of kids.