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Liquid Therapy Made July Great Again!

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First Things First…

July was a busy month for Liquid Therapy! For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you have watched a crazy journey thus far. Let’s reflect back:

  • Work started on the 14 Court St. Unit B space July 9th. Working with the Nashua maintenance crew, it’s been a decent partnership.
  • Walls have been erected and partially sheetrocked.
  • Thanks to our great subcontractors! Because of their hard work, we have passed our rough inspections:
    • Plumbing installed thanks to Andrew Sumner Plumbing
    • Electrical  installed thanks to Tall Paul Electric
  • Construction on the all-important bar is in full-swing.

A Big Thanks

We also gained some great press during the last week of the month. A big thanks to Adam Urquhart, the team at the Nashua Telegraph, and high school classmate, Kerry Miller for being the catalyst to getting us together. It even went national, being picked up by the Associated Press.

…And August Hits!

July came and passed with no shortage of blood, sweat, and tears, but progress will not cease. Lined up for August:

  • Work with our last two remaining subcontractors to finish HVAC and fire suppression.
  • Button up our walk-in coolers, and finish any remaining walls with sheetrock and FRP.
  • Complete plumbing and electrical and invite inspectors back for their final inspections
  • NH Liquor License.
  • Begin brewing mid-August

Come Say Hi

  • Gate City Brewfest (without beer, since our license isn’t yet secured)
    • Event happens Saturday August 18th, 1-5p (rain or shine)
  • Dinner on Main St. where we are working together with some great people to offer our beer paired with some amazing food, and potentially some dessert also made with our awesomeness.
    • Tickets on sale now!
    • Event happens on Sunday, September 9th

When Will Liquid Therapy Open?

Well, if all stays on track, we look forward to serving the community of Nashua on October 1st. We will keep you up to date as the time gets closer!

And Lastly:

Thanks to all of our supporters who have stopped by, reached out via social media, or stopped me in passing. It’s been amazing! I can’t forget Keith at Peacock Players. He’s been a wonderful neighbor and we both look forward to having a beer with you when the time comes.

That’s it for now.